Consulting in data analyses, spatial mapping and reporting

Consulting in data analysis and presentation

Different possibilities may conduct you to me for a consultancy:

  • You have some data to analyse linked to questions in biology, ecology, environment, agronomy, spatial mapping
  • You acquired a big amount of data but you do not know where to start the analyses
  • You have a precise question but you are not sure about the method
  • You are looking for the best factors driving your observations but the amount of variables to test is too big for a simple selection approach
  • You need to produce maps of your data
  • You need help on a modelling method to acquire autonomy in the future
  • You want to automate the production of regular reports issued from your data analyses and publish them
  • You have data analyses to produce in multiple languages
  • You know exactly which analyses you need but you are too busy
  • Any other reason not listed here

In any case, we can find a consultancy adapted to your situation. Four your information, all data analyses conduct to the production of an automated report created with the R-software. If you want, you will learn how to use it yourself to update your outputs with new data. Contact me

Data analyses

  • Data analyses, correlation search, modeling (ecology, marine biology, environment, biology, agronomy, …), spatialized or not (cf. my CV)
  • Parameter and covariate effect estimation on observations for prediction purposes (GLM, GAM, randomForest, …)
  • Predict species distribution (Presence-absence, occurence, biomass, density, …) (cf. library SDMSelect)
  • Bayesian hierarchical modelling (BUGS, JAGS, TMB)

Web interfaces and automated reports

  • Automated report, presentations or courses creation with R in HTML or PDF formats (Sweave, knitr, rmarkdown, bookdown)
  • Multiple languages conditionnal reports
  • User interactive interfaces construction to share your data or models on Internet through RShiny (cf. blog examples)

Spatial mapping

  • Mapping your observations, model outputs, interpolations… using R-software or QGIS
  • Production of interactive maps using leaflet (cf. blog examples)
  • Website creation or refresh using free and open-source content management systems and explain you how to manage it.