Migration from wordpress to Hugo with Blogdown

Migrated to Hugo !

I finally made it ! Migration of my website from Wordpress to Hugo. Thanks to the great work of yihui with blogdown !
Migration itself is not so complicated thanks to some good scripts and recommandantions, but I wanted to get back my “Twentyfifteen wordpress” theme with a multilanguage ability. This took a little more time, but my hugo-statnmap-theme is available.

A twenty-fifteen like theme

I used the nice hugo-icarus-theme from digitalcraftsman as a basis and moved different things. I also added a few things to have a blog along with the freelance presentation. Feel free to fork it or propose your pull requests. The hugo-statnmap-theme has the following functionnalities:

  • Multilingual ready. Different words of the theme (tags, categories, words count, …) may be translated in any language thanks to lang.toml files. A flag with a dropdown menu allows to switch from a language to the other if articles and pages are translated.
  • A sticky article template. For a specific taxonomy or page list, the sticky template shows one article completely and the others as a list. Look at my freelance page to see an example.
  • Syntax highlighting is used with highlight.js. As copied from yihui’s hugo lithium theme, version can be modified and languages to be highlighted is customizable in config.toml. Same for mathjax.
  • A ready-to-use multilingual contact formular page with formspree.io.
  • Widgets in the sidebar of the original hugo-icarus-theme: last articles, category list, tags list, tags cloud.
    • The last article list may have a user defined thumbnail picture, not just an automatic one as created from the article banner.
  • A list of related articles below posts

Multilingual themes

During my Hugo theme seach, I forked two themes to make them multilingual, with words translated and language switcher. You can use their multilingual branch on my github:

If you want to see how to transform your hugo theme into a multilingual theme, you can have a look at these two pull requests. You can also contact me.


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