Rshiny expert image comparison app

The expert image comparison was long: 40min for the small analysis and 3h for the complete one. As the shinyapp is freely hosted on the Rstudio servers, it was not possible to save outputs of a specific session on the server. Thus, the web application has been built such that the …

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Bayesian life cycle model: OpenBUGS code

The OpenBUGS code presented below is the additional material of a publication. This is the life cycle model of a marine species (the sole in the Eastern Channel). The Bayesian hierarchical model incorporates indices of juvenile spatialized abundance, larval dispersion, adult abundance indices and …

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Sensitivity of Inverse Community matrix

This script is the supplemental material of two publications on trophic network analyses. This allows to test for uncertainties of direct and indirect effects of small variation in biomass of a trophic network compartment on the rest of the ecosystem. […] Lassalle Geraldine, Bourdaud Pierre, …

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