Create a twitter bot on a Raspberry Pi 3 using R

With Marion Louveaux, we decided that we had to build a Twitter bot for our preferred hashtag. We explored different possibilities but truth is I couldn’t resist building it using R and {rtweet}. Here are the steps I used to set up a Twitter bot on my Raspberry Pi. […] I use package {rtweet} …

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Spatial interpolation on Earth as a 3D sphere

Earth map is usually presented flat. Geographical coordinates usually go from -180° to +180°. Spatial interpolations using coordinates may be tricky as -180° is equal to +180°. Here I propose a way to realize spatial interpolations on Earth as a sphere and then map the outputs in 3D using rgl. The …

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SDMSelect: Cross-validation model selection and species distribution mapping

This library has originally been created for covariates selection to predict species distribution (biomass, density or presence/absence). Its final aim is thus to produce maps of predicted distributions (Look at vignette SDM_Selection). However, the core of the library is a N-times k-fold …

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