Sharing my knowledge

My company StatnMap allows me to give courses, tutorials and expertise principally on R, spatial data, GIS and mapping. I am currently based in Heidelberg, Germany, but I can travel anywhere if needed. I propose assistance for analyzing, modeling and visualizing all your data. I particularly developed my skills in ecology, biology, marine biology, environmental science, agronomy, but I can adapt to any other field, scientific or not, which requires data analysis. Have a look at my data analysis offers and contact me !.
Today, I also work with the consulting and R-training ThinkR company. Take a look at our tailor-made training courses on ThinkR.fr.

Sharing my science

This website is also a place to share scripts around my research in marine science and spatial modeling. There are some R-scripts and Bayesian models as supplementary material for some of my scientific papers, some realizations with R-shiny and other things to share. This is my little contribution to open science…

Sébastien Rochette

3D representation of abundance predictions of Laminaria in Morlaix (France)

Figure 1: 3D representation of abundance predictions of Laminaria in Morlaix (France)

Jeff Leek, on simplystatistics.org

If every method in every stats journal was implemented in a corresponding R package (easy), was required to have a companion document that was a tutorial on how to use the software (easy), included a reference to how to cite the paper if you used the software (easy) and the paper/tutorial was posted to the relevant message boards for the communities of interest (easy) that journal would see a dramatic bump in its impact factor.