How to debug your package in a {rhub} fedora container before sending to CRAN?

It is not the first time I present how to debug on an other platform before sending your package to CRAN. This time, before submission {checkhelper} failed on ‘fedora’ image provided by {rhub}. How to debug your package using this platform when your using an other OS? Let’s speak about docker and …

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Debug your package that failed on CRAN with {rhub}

If you sent packages on CRAN, you may have encountered some fails on different operating systems configurations that you never heard about before: Solaris, debian clang, fedora gcc, … Package {rhub} allows to test your package on some of them, prior to sending to CRAN. But, how to debug directly on …

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How to debug your package on Win-Builder before sending to CRAN?

CRAN submission can be difficult as your package is checked on multiple OS and R versions that you may not be able to check yourself locally. Thankfully, some services like {rhub} and Win-Builder prevent some unfortunate CRAN errors. But how to debug code that is run on an external server, without …

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