Follow moving particle trajectory over raster with {rayshader}

{rayshader} is a fantastic package for 3D mapping, but it comes with the limitations of {rgl}. I always found it a shame not being able to travel in all directions over my 3D objects. In this blog post, I will show a trick to simulate particle trajectory in 3 dimensions like in a “first person” …

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Spatial correlation between rasters

In this blog article, I propose a way to look at the spatial repartition of correlation between two rasters. For your own reason, you may want to know the correlation between rasters, but a unique value issued from fonction cor is not enough. You would like to know if there are variations of …

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Mapping, spatial analyses and GIS with R

If you download the following presentation, you will find a presentation of different functions in the R-software useful for spatial data manipulations. Choosing the right libraries allows to create, import, modify, manipulate and map vector (shapefiles) or matrix (raster) spatial data. Your spatial …

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